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Buying a car with zero-percent financing does not work

More and more dealers offer cars with 0 percent financing to encourage car buyers to make a direct purchase. The tempting offers for installments seem to many consumers a good solution. But let’s be honest: It’s clear to everyone that cars or other more expensive purchases like furniture are not offered out of pure charity […]


Installment loans – alternatives to fair conditions

If suddenly the washing machine or the car breaks down, you usually need a quick replacement. If you do not have enough reserves for a repair or a new purchase in your account, you usually have to take on debt. If the person pays the costs through his checking account and exceeds his limit, he […]


Financial management in the company requires knowledge of various key figures

When you have a business, it is extremely important that you have control of its economy and can keep an eye on the health of the economy. For many companies, the economy is a benchmark for whether to manage the business in the right way or whether to start doing some things differently. Advantageous to […]


Bad Credit Loan – Surety and Insurance

  One of the best options for how to get a loan with a bad credit history and outstanding loans is to sign an agreement with the guarantor and insurance. From the lender’s point of view, such a contract would be the safest to guarantee a refund. The borrower also has its own benefits – […]


Private loan without Bank: advantages and disadvantages

Who needs a personal loan, which is not necessarily dependent on a bank, but can also rely on a loan from private without Bank. (Not to be confused with a classic loan without Bank. Repayment installments The benefits of loans that come from individuals who are often referred to as investors, are obvious: with them […]